DEBUT Event 05-10-2020


The main event will be held from 9:00 to 18:00 and the following is brief overview of the day’s event.

Introduction: The Debut committee introduces the event, theme and gives a general overview of the day schedule. Any specific instructions of what students need to do to navigate in the event will be discussed here.

Presentation of Cases and General Q and A:
Students will be provided with 2-5 minute voice-over presentation introducing the case. A document with this information will also be shared with the students for further reference. A general interactive Q and A session will take place to enable students to pose general questions about the cases.

Meet and Greet 1 and 2:
This is when you meet the company of your second and third preference.  Students have the opportunity to meet 2 other companies in 15 minutes slots to discuss regarding the case, future of the company, internship opportunities and or any other questions they may have.

Case start:
Each team works individually on the case. The teams are organized into individual video conference channels where they can work on the case together. The method of working can be left up to the team. Company representatives will check on your progress and answer further questions if required.

During lunch, the video call will still be on. People can choose to switch off their cameras or log out of the meeting. Any additional questions regarding the event can be asked to the organizers.

Case presentations:
The case study will conclude with presentations from all the teams. Each team will get 2 minutes to pitch their idea in a short elevator pitch type of format. Additionally they will be given 3 minutes to answer any questions they have from the audience.

Award ceremony:
The jury, consisting of TU Delft Faculty and experts in the field will decide 3 winners. The winners are announced and event breaks into fun games/ polls and other interactive events.

Meet and Greet 3:
At the end of the event, students again have the opportunity to meet any company of their choice. 1:1 Interviews can follow.